Paired with the book Dreamer,

this activity pack helps big dreamers and little dreamers


Did you buy-in to the BIG LIE?


Learn the truth about who you really are!

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Create With Your Kids WITHOUT The Stress and Mess: Our Pick Your Pack Coloring Challenge with Free Bonus

My kids are obsessed with YouTube.  One of their favorite things to watch and then do is called a 3 marker challenge.  From what I gather, you close your eyes, reach into a bag or bin of markers and randomly pick 3.  You then have to color the picture with only those 3 colors.  When…

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Dreamer cover

Dreamer: The Story of a Story That Almost Wasn’t

The Birth of a Story It took 3 years and almost didn’t happen. Once you read the story of Dreamer, you’ll understand how very ironic that is. … We were getting ready to move from Williston, North Dakota to Midland, Texas. My husband had accepted a new position with his company and was already busy…

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Figaro The Sock Fox Book

Figaro The Sock Fox

Ever wonder where those missing socks go? Meet Figaro! Now Available! Direct from Publisher (Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook) Amazon (Paperback and Ebook) Barnes and Noble (Paperback and Ebook) Q & A with Nicole B Roberts (These were my answers from the initial press release interview in 2016) What inspired you to write this book? I originally…

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"Books are bridges from our old selves to our new ones. "

Nicole B Roberts


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Nicole B Roberts

My purpose

In all I do, my purpose is to model and reiterate that we were each “created to create and that our joy is hiding within the acceptance of that divine identity.

I believe that when we know who we truly are, we can be a catalyst that creates positive change in ourselves, our families, our communities and our world!

Xo, Nicole B Roberts










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