Paired with the book Dreamer,

this activity pack helps big dreamers and little dreamers


Did you buy-in to the BIG LIE?


Learn the truth about who you really are!

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Home Studio Tour With Nicole B Roberts

I still remember my first home studio/ craft room/ office.  We were newly married, living in my parents basement and navigating life with a baby and adult responsibilities.  I had invented my own product ( a nursing cover that actually covers you) and had a blossoming little etsy shop that I was running from said…

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No Neutral Moments: Drowning in the Current

I’ve been feeling neutral. Like I am floating through life on a current, unsure of my next move. Observing, resting, sitting back and watching how other people move through the water. Some are swimming powerfully in a very defined direction- constantly progressing, pushing, often alone. Some move in schools mindlessly, relying on the pack around…

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My Mess, My Medicine, My Message

Medicine isn’t always a potion or a pill. Sometimes it’s a person, or a place, or a path, or a passion. This is a sample of my mine. … The overwhelm hits me and my stomach punches back. A battle commences inside me. I over committed again, said yes to too many new things when…

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"Books are bridges from our old selves to our new ones. "

Nicole B Roberts


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Nicole B Roberts

My purpose

In all I do, my purpose is to model and reiterate that we were each “created to create and that our joy is hiding within the acceptance of that divine identity.

I believe that when we know who we truly are, we can be a catalyst that creates positive change in ourselves, our families, our communities and our world!

Xo, Nicole B Roberts










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