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Dreamer cover

Dreamer: The Story of a Story That Almost Wasn’t

The Birth of a Story It took 3 years and almost didn’t happen. Once you read the story of Dreamer, you’ll understand how very ironic that is. … We were getting ready to move from Williston, North Dakota to Midland, Texas. My husband had accepted a new position with his company and was already busy…
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Figaro The Sock Fox Book

Figaro The Sock Fox

Ever wonder where those missing socks go? Meet Figaro! Now Available! Direct from Publisher (Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook) Amazon (Paperback and Ebook) Barnes and Noble (Paperback and Ebook) Q & A with Nicole B Roberts (These were my answers from the initial press release interview in 2016) What inspired you to write this book? I originally…
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Catalyst Gardens coloring journal

Catalyst Gardens: The Art, The Book, The Reason

My Catalyst Gardens art collection launched September of 2020 on Society6. The Catalyst Gardens affirmation coloring journal was released November of 2020 worldwide. This is the story of how they came to be. 2020: The lesson of a broken year At the beginning of 2020, I started drawing flowers, just for fun.  Each time I…
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When the Bottom Rips Out: Hammocks, Oil Busts and New Doors

We didn’t expect the ripping, the falling, the afterwards, but it happened just the same. Tim grilled the chicken he’d been marinating all day while I made a kale salad with a honey dijon dressing.  I warmed up some leftover pasta, put canned mandarin oranges in a bowl, grabbed a loaf of homemade bread from…
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My love affair with the Dead Language, Latin.

Latin Love Affair Knowing the meaning of latin phrases made me feel like I was privy to some ancient secret wisdom, like maybe those few simple words of truth were more potent because they had ripened with time.  Reserved only for those willing to seek after their meaning and bask in the echos of their ageless…
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Home Studio Tour With Nicole B Roberts

I still remember my first home studio/ craft room/ office.  We were newly married, living in my parents basement and navigating life with a baby and adult responsibilities.  I had invented my own product ( a nursing cover that actually covers you) and had a blossoming little etsy shop that I was running from said…
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No Neutral Moments: Drowning in the Current

I’ve been feeling neutral. Like I am floating through life on a current, unsure of my next move. Observing, resting, sitting back and watching how other people move through the water. Some are swimming powerfully in a very defined direction- constantly progressing, pushing, often alone. Some move in schools mindlessly, relying on the pack around…
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My Mess, My Medicine, My Message

Medicine isn’t always a potion or a pill. Sometimes it’s a person, or a place, or a path, or a passion. This is a sample of my mine. … The overwhelm hits me and my stomach punches back. A battle commences inside me. I over committed again, said yes to too many new things when…
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This is a Self-Portrait

This is a self-portrait. People don’t always see the real you. They see through their own lenses of insecurity and judgement, we all do it. The world changes, people change, depending on who is looking. The mirror doesn’t typically show you who you really are either. At least that’s the case with me. It shows…
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Faux Real: Which Girl is the Authentic Me?

 Which me is the “real me”? The lovely adorned one or the raw and unpolished one? Why have I chosen to believe that the least impressive side of myself is the “real” me and everything else is just a charade I put on for the world? A little girl playing pretend. Am I trying to hide “who I…
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Nicole B Roberts

My purpose

In all I do, my purpose is to model and reiterate that we were each “created to create and that our joy is hiding within the acceptance of that divine identity.

I believe that when we know who we truly are, we can be a catalyst that creates positive change in ourselves, our families, our communities and our world!

Xo, Nicole B Roberts










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