Are you looking for a custom piece of art?

Meet your artist:

I’m Nicole B Roberts, an author and artist who specializes in finding magic in the ordinary.

I believe that art is medicine.  I use powerful symbolism and unbridled color to portray the healing message the subject matter asks me to share.

I believe that art is a catalyst that asks hard questions and gives soft answers, each pushing us to create a more potent version of our most authentic self.

I believe that art is a parable, a story that evolves with each individuals personal expansion, a mutual unfolding, a life long conversation that reminds us that as our point of perception shifts, so does what we see.  

I am humbled And honored to employ the creative power of the universe on your behalf and can’t wait to see what message is waiting to be unveiled.

Let’s make magic baby!

Nicole B RobertsLots of Love,

Nicole B Roberts


What you get:

-Non toxic acrylic paint on gallery wrapped (1.5in deep) cotton duck, triple primed canvas. Polycrylic sealed.

(Framing not included)

-initial concept rough sketch (may suggest changes and edits at this point)

-timelapse video and picture updates sent to your provided phone number or email address.

-certificate of authenticity signed by artist

-BONUS: 1 page write up about your one of a kind artwork and its symbolism (***only for pieces 16x20 and larger)

-Video commentary upon request



2-3 week turnaround minimum, plus shipping time

(larger sizes may require more time)


$1.50/ square inch

50% up front (non-refundable)

Square:                         Rectangle:

































*Plus shipping


The artist retains the copyright for all artwork and may use digital copies of the original work for both print making and marketing.  Any and all proceeds from this work are retained by the artist.


What subject matter are you most interested in? (Specific animal, tree, flower, cactus, skull, mandala, etc.)

Who is this artwork for? (For yourself, for a business, for a gift)

Tell me a little about the recipient?  (What inspires this person, what brings them joy, what trials have they overcome, how would you describe their personality, how would you describe your relationship to them, do they have a personal motto, etc?)

Is there a specific message you want your artwork to convey?

Are there specific colors that you would like incorporated?

Where will this artwork be displayed?

What size canvas would work best in that space?

Please email with any additional questions and to get your commissioned piece started!

I can’t wait to make your vision come to life and create more beauty in the world!