The Catalyst Flower

"A Catalyst Connects to Create Change."
Nicole B Roberts
"Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw
Learn more about the symbolism and intention behind the design here:
Petals (the outside)-
The petals represent all the ideas and people of the universe, always pointing outward to individual expansion, but only able to do so through the support and structure of the whole. Each beautiful and unique on it’s own, but complete in each other.
Chakra colors-
The chakras represent a system of energy in our bodies that seeks balance and wholeness. Each component is important, full of complexity and individual power, but fascinatingly more effective when connected with the whole.
In nearly all cultures and religions, seven represents completeness, wholeness, or perfection. It represents connection with source, a marriage of physical and spiritual.
The gap represents openness and humility, the idea that there is always more to learn, always another soul to touch, always another connection to foster. An invitation of sorts, a whispering from the universe that expansion is always possible and there is always room for another person and a new idea. Complete but open. Both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously
Catalyst (the inside)-
A catalyst is a connector, a link, a bridge, a yoke and and an unsung hero. It creates or inspires change, accelerates a reaction, and precipitates personal, spiritual, social and consciousness revolution. A radical stimulus that connects both ideas and people, the glue like fiber of creation. Shining light on our commonalities, and embracing our differences as the collective strengths of the whole.
Each of us is a catalyst, each of us is a petal, each of us is the whole. By uniting schools of thought and groups of people, we continually evolve into the creators we ourselves were created to become.
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