Strong but Wise Mandala

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”
-Howard Zinn
This design by Nicole B Roberts was created to 

amplify your personal strength through the power of community.

The sun is the source of life on earth, gifting us with light, heat, energy and the necessary components to facilitate growth. Everything it touches is changed by its presence. It makes plants grow. It makes people happier. It makes the beauty of the world around us visible, expanding our experience. It sends darkness running by its simple presence. In many cultures it is a symbol of divinity, of source, of illumination, of pure and perfect consciousness. When we connect with this power we are “Strong Enough to stand alone.” 

These Celtic knots are a symbol of motherhood and the divine feminine, showing infinite love between mother and child, creator and creation, the seed and the seed-bearer. The three points represent the trinity, expressing our divine DNA, our heritage, and our immeasurable worth. When we are “Wise Enough to stand together” with like-minded people, who are humble enough to see the seed, the light, the creative ability and divine DNA in each other; when we encourage and support each other in a community, simultaneously connecting to source and each other, we amplify both. We create a current, a ripple effect. 

The Ripple is generally referenced as a symbol of exponential expansion and movement. A surging of energy, progress, and change brought about from small but powerful thoughts and acts.

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