Queen Bee

Queens are not born, they are made.  

Bees decide when they need a new creative monarchy and they use a fascinating system to create her.  In the beginning, all female bees are genetically the same. For the first 3 days they are all fed Royal Jelly, sometimes called “bee milk”, a unique substance secreted from glands inside the worker bees heads.  

After the 3 days, the queen continues to feast on the royal jelly and grow into a bigger, more mature, reproductive machine, genetically programed to be a creative force.   The other bees are fed a mixture of pollen and nectar called “bee bread”. They stay small, their reproductive organs don’t develop and the genetic code to be a worker comes to the forefront.

For a long time, we thought that the secret to making a queen was the magical royal jelly, but it turns out that it isn’t about what the queen is eating that manifests her genetic greatness, but what she’s NOT EATING.  

The “bee bread” fed to worker bees comes from plant sources that contain chemicals that actually silence certain bee genes. So, the queen is not specifically programed for creative greatness, the worker bees are actually DEPROGRAMMED from it. All of them have the initial ability to become queens- until their inborn power is silenced by outward sources and they never again question who they are.

The queen and the workers teach us that the difference between manifesting our greatness and shrinking away from it has nothing to do with our original identity.  For we were all created to create, whether or not we become what we can become has everything to do with how we are mentally fed.

Will we consume the things that grow us and keep us potent and powerful?

Or will we consume the things from the outside world that make us forget who we are, veil our creative power and force us to put our heads down and fall in line?

Bees don’t get to choose, but we do?

Stop eating what the world gives you.  

Stop letting your creative power be muted by the agenda of the masses.

You were born with all the magic you need already inside of you.

Your hive is calling for your presence, for your creative power and for your authentic brand of influence.

You were created to create.  

It is time you embrace your powerful destiny, your very identity and your social responsibility.

Remember who you are, remember, remember..

Preordained Creator Queen.

It’s high time you hatch, and show the world what the buzz is all about.

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