Persistent Elephant

Watch the making of the Persitent Elephant!

She never forgets. She is wise and kind. Slow and steady.

      The elephant wears a subconscious crown, she is a servant leader that is respected by all creatures. She moves through life with a slow grace and a patient, persistent purpose. Her sheer size commands attention. But, she insights awe not fear, cultivating peace by her very presence. She is wise and kind and loves fiercely. She is the symbol of family and femininity, and she carries her crown with both reverence and adoration.

      The water in her trunk is the great source of living, without it nothing would survive or even exist. The elephant honors water, always remembering where she has found it in the past and using that knowledge to guide others to it in the future, where they can all connect with the source that sustains them.

      The drop of blood on her forehead reminds us that she always has her family and her tribe as her focal point. She never asks others to do anything she isn’t willing to do. She carries her babies for 2 years before they are born- she understands that perfection takes time and she is willing to wait gracefully. She is a creator and guardian of life, and the perpetuator of a powerful dynasty.

 In all things she shows us the power and perfection of persistence.

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