Namaste Light In Me

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
This design by Nicole B Roberts was created to
discover your own value through the power of honoring others.

Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “bowing to you”. It stems from the idea that there is a divine spark in all of us, no matter our current physical state. When we honor that light, that divinity, that creative power in others we honor it in ourselves, for it all comes from the same source.

Circular Arrows remind us that we are always connected. The way we treat others is an invitation of how we wish to be treated. The way we value others is a mirror of how we value ourselves. We get what we give, always. When we honor others, we honor ourselves.

The flowers show us that when we recognize “the spark” in each other and hence ourselves, our creative powers are amplified through that connection and we are able to blossom, grow and expand in multiple directions. This collaboration expands our collective reach. World change starts with consciously honoring yourself through honoring others.

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