Inked Art Prints

Most of my beginning ink work was done with Sharpies.  

In fact, when we were a young and struggling married couple my husband gifted we with two huge multi-colored packs of Sharpies from Costco for my birthday.

 I was probably the happiest girl on the planet. 

Something about their deep pigment and permanence did it for me.  

I actually created every single illustration for my first childrens book (find it here) by hand with sharpies!  

I've since discovered the wonderful world (and precision) that is Faber-Castell and Towbow and may never be able to go back to my first love.

My children are slowly staking their claim on my Sharpie stash and that feels right. 

No matter the brand or the tool, the ink tells a story once it touches the paper and always finds a way to the one who needs to hear it. 

All prints are museum-quality matte paper.  They are printed after you order- just for you.

Each one is sure to make an impact in whatever space you choose to place it. 

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