Dauntless Spirit Totem Pole

Watch the making of the Dauntless Spirit Totem Pole.
The dauntless spirit totem pole is a celebration of fierce, instinctual, inborn power.  
Hunters actively engaged in perpetual pursuit, ready to act without hesitation.
Fueled by hunger, they learn to embrace the things that make other creatures shrink and cower.
With boldness and adrenaline on their side, they partner with silence, with dark, and with fear.
They ignore distractions, they focus their strengths, and they fight for their feast.
Dauntlessly embracing their nature, constant in their quest. 
Each of us was born with the instincts to pursue the things that would most serve us.
It is only when we embrace and honor this hungry spirit within us that we are able to dauntlessly capture the deepest desires of our heart and ultimately become a more powerful, more fulfilled version of ourselves.




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