Gratitude Dream Catcher

"A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles."

This piece was designed to
make dreams a reality
through the power of gratitude.

Dream catcher- Native Americans (Ojibwa) believed that hanging a dream catcher above a child’s bed would attract ALL dreams, good and bad. It would trap any bad spirits in its web like center, and allow the good to pass through, trickling down the feathers to the sleeping child below. The round hoop was symbolic of the circle of life, no beginning and no end. The Ojibwa people believed in the power of their dreams. They respected them as spiritual guidance, each giving powerful direction in their lives and showing them what their future held. They knew they needed to protect this tool of manifestation; hence the dream catcher became the gatekeeper for these life-altering thoughts and visions.

Feathers were considered a sacred gift to many Native American people. They believed that everything had a spirit and that the bird the feather came from connected them to the source of all things, giving them strength. Feathers were given as a gift, a badge of honor, to those who did something brave or noteworthy and were meant to be displayed, not hidden away. 

Thank you, Gracias, Danke sehr, Merci, Mahalo, Toda, Efharisto, do jeh-

All expressions of gratitude in different languages.

Much like the dream catcher, gratitude in a powerful tool of manifestation. It helps us to focus on the positive and reframe the negative. Showing gratitude for our personal dreams and visions for our life actually attracts the tools necessary for us to achieve them. Much like the feathers, we have each been given sacred gifts, talents and purposes that are meant to be honored and displayed, not hidden away. Showing gratitude for these gifts connects us to the divine source, giving us the necessary tools to accomplish all of our dreams!

Gratitude turns dreams to reality.

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