Adventure is my Birthright

What does adventure mean to you? 
     Adventure is all about perspective, changing your vantage point so you can see things in a new way. Adventure creates gratitude in our hearts for the world around us and our place within it. Adventure strengthens us, it tests our personal will and makes us more capable beings.

     But, it's not just about scaling mountains, sailing oceans, or dotting the globe with our footprints. 

The greatest adventures are

-discovering the vast and untamed wilderness of who we really are,

-climbing the hills and valleys of relationships,

-paddling through oceans of fear,

-excavating new passions that eventually give us the wings to

-fly to island after island of joy and fulfillment.

     Yes, we were created for adventure! Programmed with the skill sets, tools, and passions to navigate this life, to become voyagers of our own humanity, explorers of our divinity, and map makers of our experiences.
     Adventure isn't waiting, you are smack dab in the middle of it right now.
This... this life is the greatest adventure you have ever been on and YOU are the captain of it all. 
It is your purpose and your birthright! 

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