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The City Moms Blog network is a nationwide organization of 103 sites that cultivates community and connection for Moms in each sites local area. 

My articles are consistently in the top 5 for our local site.  Once, to my absolute delight, I was in the top 5 nationwide as well. 

When I write, it is my goal to be authentic about hard things, but bring a positive twist and a silver lining lesson to the table.  

I accidentally stumbled into the role of Content Director for the site and host monthly workshops for our team of 30ish writers.  We talk about things like knowing your audience, crafting compelling headlines and visual storytelling. I try to infuse personal development and team building into what we do because I know that what happens in our internal community will have a trickle down effect into our larger community.  

It's been an absolute pleasure for me to cultivate relationships with other women who not only know the power of their own voice, but are willing to learn from each other and lean on each other so that collectively we can make a greater impact. 

Below, you will find links to my articles.

Happy Reading!

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Notice a common thread?

I prefer to write about Creativity, Relationships and Personal Growth.  

If you have any great ideas that you would like me to write about,

 you can email me at