I Am A Purple Sheep

While being a part of a specific community, a religion, a political party, or a social tribe has its benefits, it has often left me feeling trapped by conformity.

I have discovered more about who I am, what I believe, where my joy lies, and my unique value to the world by getting lost, by wandering, by seeking the unique pulls of my heart and listening for the whispers of the voice that seems to know the way.

While people might assume it, I am not a black sheep that is intentionally trying to go against the status quo. I have found that being anti-anything uses too much of my most potent energy. It makes me angry instead of productive, gives me unhealthy attachments, and puts my focus and intentions on the wrong things.

I am a purple sheep.

Fueled by faith and divine identity, I choose to follow my joy.

You may see me as reckless and wild,

But the truth is... I am free. 



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"You only are free when you realize you belong no place-
you belong every place-
no place at all.  
The price is high.  
The reward is great."
Maya Angelou
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