I still remember my first home studio/ craft room/ office.  We were newly married, living in my parents basement and navigating life with a baby and adult responsibilities.  I had invented my own product ( a nursing cover that actually covers you) and had a blossoming little etsy shop that I was running from said basement.  I worked part time from home on the computer in the mornings and then cut, sewed, photographed, listed, packaged, and shipped orders in the afternoons and evenings.

My parents were so gracious to let me take over their library, and take over I did.  The room became an onion of sorts.  The outer layer was floor to ceiling bookcases on 2 walls, an old barn wood wall with my dad’s collection of trophies and antiques, and a long wall with a counter that held multiple computers and other office supplies.

I added my sewing desk, my computer desk, my stash of fabrics, boxes of poly mailers, and eventually a mannequin named Bianca. (Bianca scared a lot of people.) This became the second layer of the basement library onion.  The middle was a giant 8-walled baby cage filled with toys, snacks, and obviously, my baby.

I had little paths for navigating the room and I made it work.  I’m still amazed that my parents didn’t lose their minds and I didn’t lose my baby in that mess.

I’ve lived in 4 different places since then and luckily, had my own room in each house.  (My husband subscribes to the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” philosophy.)  As grateful as I was every single time, these rooms were always tucked in the far corner of basements where I felt too far from my babies and the sunlight.

When we moved to our current house (in West Texas where basements aren’t a thing), I fell in love with the front room that boasted 10 foot ceilings and an oversized window with views of leafy greens and never-ending rays of vitamin D.

I love that I can see when people are coming to my house, I can hear my family close by and I can close the doors when I need privacy or to hide my mess.  I spend more time in this little space than any other and I am so grateful to have it.


Us artists have a way of letting our craft take over our entire house. We pretend we are sorry, but we aren’t.  We kind of like the madness of it all.

I thought it would be fun to give y’all a sneak peek into what that looks like for me (and my sweet family who puts up with me).

Sneak Peak of Nicole B Roberts home gallery and studio

Someday, when I have a giant turquoise barn studio/ retreat center, on the back 40 of a beautiful mountain property with it’s own lake views, I can look back and remember this time with a smile, just like I do with the onion basement.


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And since I didn’t spend too much time in my actual studio space (because is was messy), here are a few pictures after my most recent weekly rearranging.

It’s organized chaos most of the time.

Nicole B Roberts studio space

A bit of a birds eye view.

The other side of the studio    

I have to have multiple thinking chairs.  A different perspective is always helpful.

And finally, there is that big window that brings me so much joy.

Thanks for joining me on my little video and picture tour, I hope you enjoyed it.

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